Веточка Ванды в вазе

Vanda branch in a vase


цвет: черный
цвет: желтый
цвет: синий
цвет: фиолетовый
цвет: розовый
цвет: белый

В зв'язку з воєнним положенням, прохання наявність та ціни уточнювати у менеджера

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Product Description


Vanda is a beautiful amazing plant that belongs to the orchid family. This flower is rightfully considered royal among all orchids. This type is well suited for cozy home warmth. The Vanda orchid is a very heat-loving plant, it feels great at a temperature of 23 degrees, and at 25 degrees it is an ideal environment for an orchid. To understand what conditions are favorable for Wanda, you need to pay attention to its leaves, if the temperature drops below 25 degrees, water plaque appears on the plant, immunity decreases and the flowers may even die. You can buy Wanda by ordering on our website

Wanda Orchid Lighting

This type of orchid loves light. It is worth arranging the flowers in such a way that they are a little in the shade, during the hot rays of the sun and during sunset or sunrise, so that they are in the open light. Approximate lighting time is about 12 hours. In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it. If there is too much light, Wanda may fall ill, and if it is not enough, then it will not bloom.

Moisture for a flower

Humidity is very important for the Wanda orchid, and she loves water very much. You need to pay attention to the surrounding air, at least up to 80 percent should be humidity, and if you spray the leaves in a dry room, then this will only bring harm.

Capacity selection

All Vanda orchids have a very thick and long root system, they are very sensitive to excess moisture in the soil, for this reason, the flower is not recommended to be planted in ordinary flower pots. The Vanda Orchid is small and should only be grown in wood, clay, or plastic blocks, which should be placed on balconies. Also, the plant can be grown in special boxes, or in glass containers.

Orchid bloom

Under natural conditions, Wanda blooms in autumn or spring. Hybrid species of orchids are able to bloom all year round. The duration of flowering is on average up to 8 weeks. But if the plant receives watering and proper care, then flowering will continue much longer. You can buy the Vanda orchid at the Orchid Art store in Kyiv.

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Белый, Розовый, Фиолетовый, Синий, Желтый, Черный

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