Тилландсия уснеевидная
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Tillandsia usneoide

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Product Description

Lighting: Bright, diffused light (April to October). They should not be placed in direct sunlight during the summer months as the plants may get burned. Tilandsia need direct sunlight from November to March.
Temperature: Optimum temperature is 25-28 degrees.
Water: Water your Thilandsia 2-3 times a week, more often at higher temperatures and less frequently at lower temperatures. Spraying is not sufficient as the only watering agent, but is very beneficial between regular waterings in rooms with low air humidity. Make sure that water does not stagnate in the pan.
Humidity:Needs high humidity.
Transplant: Substrate is essential for the successful maintenance of bromeliads. For Tilandsia, a loose mixture is prepared, into which, if possible, pine bark, chopped fern roots, walnut shells, sunflower seed husks can be added. This substrate can be simplified by limiting itself to a mixture of bark with sphagnum, peat and charcoal (1:1:1:1/2). Thilandsia do not require an annual transplant, and it is necessary to plant plants in pots, fixing them well, since the roots are poorly developed and are easily washed out when watering.
Pruning: When separating the lateral offspring from the maternal outlet, the cut points are sprinkled with crushed charcoal or activated charcoal.
Reproduction: Lateral offspring.

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Тилландсия уснеевидная, Тилландсия уснеевидная декор

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    В нашем интернет-магазине "Орхидс Арт" представлен разнообразный ассортимент Tillandsia usneoide, растения представлены разного возраста, сорта, от чего зависит и цена
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    Конечно, менеджер отправит вам реальное фото Tillandsia usneoide на Viber перед доставкой
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    Да, по Киеву доставляем курьерами, по Украине отправляем транспортными компаниями-перевозчиками
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